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What is the Oxycodone 80 mg?

Oxycodone is a semisynthetic and moderately potent pain reliever medication. It is an opioid medication available as a generic version and also available under the brand name OxyContin, etc. Oxycodone 80 mg is a high amount of drug used for severe medical conditions. Because of its opioids properties, Oxycodone is also famous as narcotic medication.

It was first made in Germany in the year 1916 from thebaine. In the United States, Oxycodone first introduced in 1939. Due to its highly potent for habit-forming and adverse effects, the U.S. FDA has classified Oxycodone as a schedule II-controlled substance and approved as a pain reliever medicine. It is a prescription medication that means you can Buy Oxycodone 80 mg Online without Prescription when recommended by your doctor. In 2016 Oxycodone was the 54th most prescribed pain medication in the U.S. with more than 14 million prescriptions.

What are the unique properties of Oxycodone 80 mg?

Oxycodone 80 mg is an extended-release form of the drug sold under the brand name OxyContin. Each tablet contains 72.0 mg of Oxycodone as 80 mg of oxycodone hydrochloride. You may Order Oxycodone 80 mg  as a green tablet, marked with OC on one side and 80 on the other side.

How long does Oxycodone 80 mg stay in your system?

People should consult with their healthcare provider to determine how long specific doses of Oxycodone will last in their system. Because of several factors that contribute to Where to Order real Oxycodone Online , medical experts can check your prescription with any pre-existing factors, including liver health and age, to be as accurate as possible.

The half-life of Oxycodone can range from 3.5 to 5.5 hours. Half-life is an estimated time in which your body removes half of the drug. It can take about 20 hours before Oxycodone is entirely out of your body. Several factors can affect how long Oxycodone remains in your body, including liver function, metabolism, and weight. These factors contribute to time that the drug is detectable by drug tests.

  • Saliva: 4 days
  • Blood test: 24 hours
  • Hair test: 90 days
  • Urine test: 3-4 days


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